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Sen. Obama’s faith-based politics seem to be intensifying:

Speaking before religious leaders and others at what he called an “interfaith forum on climate change,” the Illinois senator said God has entrusted humans with the responsibility of caring for the earth, and “we are not acting as good stewards of God’s earth when our bottom line puts the size of our profits before the future of our planet.”
“It is our responsibility to ensure that this planet remains clean and safe and livable for our children and for all of God’s children,” he told about 200 people gathered at the downtown public library. “But in recent years, science has made it undeniably clear that our generation is not living up to this responsibility. Global warming is not a someday problem, it is now.”

i read the AP story waiting for a quote from the ACLU or Barry Lynn at Americans United or someone saying that Obama was crossing the line or breeching the sacred wall of separation. Yet there was nothing. Imagine, however, the AP’s story if a leading Republican candidate got up and said his faith lead him to believe there should be no more abortions. The double standard here is offensive.
Then there is the matter of Obama’s mingling of faith and politics. I have been vocal in decrying Republican attempts to seduce voters by claiming Jesus for their policies. It is no better when a Democrat does it. And that is exactly what is happening here. Is Sen. Obama becoming a mirror image of George W. Bush – a man using his faith to not only sell his politics but to sell himself no matter his politics?

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