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Those evangelicals opposing Mitt Romney on spiritual grounds are becoming more direct in their opposition.

Concerned evangelicals oppose the belief that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s theological differences are less important than his seemingly shared conservative social values. They also emphasize Mormonism, by its own definition, is antithetical to historic orthodox Christianity despite its adherents’ push for association amid Romney’s bid for the White House.
“People have got to understand that the beliefs of the Mormon cult are totally inconsistent with biblical Christianity,” Bill Keller of told The Christian Post on Monday….
“If you are a true follower of the Bible and believe what God says, it basically says that those who follow other Gospels – false Gospels and false religions like Mormonism – are going to die, be lost in their sins and go to hell,” said Keller, who describes his ministry as the most successful online faith ministry with over 2 million e-mail subscribers.
Keller said he was concerned that having someone like Romney in the “highest visibility, highest power” position in the country would cause non-Christians and unchurched people to search out the Mormon religion.
“In doing so it is going to lead people into these false beliefs and ultimately die in their sins,” Keller warned.
The online evangelist was joined in his concern, though less blatantly, by the influential Rev. Richard Cizik of the National Association of Evangelicals.
Cizik, who only briefly met Romney once, refrained from making any direct political statements on the candidate or his Mormon faith. However, he challenged Christians to carefully examine Romney’s Mormon faith and how his religion would influence his decisions in office.
“It is inescapable that one’s religious views, or lack thereof, will shape one’s personal integrity. There is no question about that,” said Cizik.

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