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A church in Kentucky isn’t preaching to Britney, they are praying for her and writing to her:

“Take a few minutes and write a note to Britney Spears,” [Southland Christian Church Pastor Jon] Weese said. “No preaching. No criticizing. Just love. As a church, let’s love Britney the way Jesus loves her.”
Weece told the congregation that it was easy to watch celebrities and the mistakes they make and think they are less deserving of care and compassion and prayers.
“If she were your next-door neighbor in the same situation without the money and success, wouldn’t you care about her problems? Wouldn’t you pray for her and offer her support and encouragement?” he asked members of the church, which is located near the border of Fayette and Jessamine counties.

The church has 8,000 members. No word on how many letters are being sent or how they will actually reach Ms. Spears.

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