J Walking

Following up on the “high” cow haiku contest that began with the story about how marijuana inhibits mad cow disease, here are your choices. Winner wins an itunes gift certificate. Either post comment below or email me at:
1) Bovine dopers graze
On emerald ganja fields
Lo! Pastoral peace
2) We have no high priest
unable to sympathize
We have high cows, though
3) Sacred mushroom cows
Whirling rainbow diamond eyes
See! Hai-cow sutra.
4) Large eyed druggie cows
like paintings of sad children
flower laden horns
5) Weed in feed will lead
To 32nd flavor:
Psy-cow-delic. Moo!
6) High cows moo softly
“Moo moo moo moo moo moo moo
Moo moo moo”– softly.

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