J Walking

The Colorado Rockies – the team losing 0-2 in the World Series – have garnered some attention for their faith-based baseball. My friend Patton Dodd, loyal member of the Red Sox Nation (no matter what he might say) even wrote before the Series that God was on the Rockies side.
Whenever we think of sports and Jesus, we think of all the players thanking Jesus when they win. There have been more than a few Christian books by victorious athletes thanking Jesus. And there isn’t anything wrong with that. We’re supposed to thank God for everything.
That makes me think that maybe Jesus wants the Rockies to get swept in four games by the mighty Sox just so they can show the world that their faith in him is such that they will positively rejoice at the Sox victory. How extraordinary would it be for the Rockies to gather on their field if the Sox win and applaud? What an amazing witness for the transformative power of Jesus would it be if the Rockies doused the Sox in champagne and celebrated their victory and praised God all the time. That would make people wonder about Jesus.

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