J Walking

Time: 9am
Date: Today
Place: Bathroom
I walk into our upstairs bathroom and find our two-year-old, Livvy, looking at our toiler saying, “Where is my flusher?” “Where did my flusher go?” Her arms are out at her side in bewilderment. She is looking at the toilet and then at the bathtub and then all around. “Where did my flusher go Daddy?”
The backstory is that we had to switch toilets in that bathroom because the one we had – probably purchased for $19.99 at Home Depot – never worked and after several years of plunging, well, enough. Our new toilet doesn’t have a “flusher” on the side but one on the top – it requires a yank up and not a push down.
Livvy just noticed this this morning and was utterly befuddled as to why this toilet had no flusher. I showed her and she was relieved – emotionally relieved that is… but still, that image, “Where did my flusher go???” will go down in family lore.

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