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I got this from a dear friend… this is a must read if you want to understand why Dobson and co. are so terrified. My friend is, as you will read, a self-described “winger” – very conservative.

As a winger, I am very troubled by this idea. I – unlike many in my party – am pro-life but also real-life. I live in reality, and I want a candidate who can win… in reality.
That being said, I am not thrilled with the field of choices for Republicans this time around. There is no one person who has it all, in my opinion. There are social conservatives who couldn’t win a state. There is a fiscal conservative who happened to dress in drag at a gay pride parade. There is a social/fiscal conservative who is a member of a cult. There’s no “Bush” on the ticket this time, and frankly if there were, no one would vote for him. So, I am forced to choose the lesser of a few evils.
I not so much voting for 1 person as I am voting AGAINST 1 person. You know who that is.
I am troubled by those who say they will allow Hillary to get elected, serve 4 years and then win back the White House. Hillary in the White House for any length of time is not a benign proposition. Remember, her husband had a strong Republican House and Senate to temper his liberal agenda. Hillary most likely will have nothing to hold her back. With tax provisions due to expire, Supreme Court justices possibly up for nomination and liberal agendas on the march, Hillary can wreak havoc in her term (whether it’s 4 years or 8). I don’t want to have to endure those consequences and then blithely just “take back the White House.” It may not be that easy, folks.
Therefore, I support Giuliani for a variety of good reasons including his proven track record of leadership, his tough stance on terror, his fiscal conservatism and his promise to appoint justices like Scalia and Thomas. I also support him because he can BEAT Hillary, and I don’t think anyone else can. I can stomach his pro-life, pro-gay stance simply because Hillary’s is worse.
Right wingers, GET REAL.

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