J Walking

Eight years ago tonight I married Kimberly Ann McCreery. As with all weddings I was left with snapshots in my head that I tried to take throughout the busy day. They were the kind of snapshots the hired photographer never caught – glimpses of friends, glimpses of my new bride, glimpses of pure joy.
Some months ago Kim found an old disposable camera of the sort we left on tables for people to take their own candid photos during the reception. We developed it without any expectation.
Then it came back and in the roll was a photo I thought I held only my brain. It was this picture of Kim:
Woodrow Wilson House, Washington, DC September 25, 1999
I have heard it said that the most perfect moments in our lives are the holiest moments because the joy we feel at those moments is the closest imitation of what God’s love really feels like. If that is true then the thinnest place, the holiest place, I have ever been was in a church and at a reception with my bride eight years ago today. Happy Anniversary my love.

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