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My new favorite blog is written by a 29-year-old woman, who loves U2, is a Lost-fanatic, loves Napolean Dynamite and Jesus (not in that order), is a pediatrician, and decided to give up the lure of American luxury to practice medicine in Haiti. Yes, Haiti, the poorest, least-developed country in the Western Hemisphere.
Her name is Jen Halverson and her pastor says this of her:

In Haiti she’ll work twice as hard as she would in the states while earning less per month than she would earn per hour if she stayed here. She’ll have to attend to however many patients show up (usually a lot!), treat whatever illnesses or injuries they happen to have (there’s little-to-no specialization in third world hospitals), work with limited help and even more severely limited resources.
If you assess Jen by “normal” American standards, she’s an absolute idiot. But Jen knows that Kingdom people don’t assess anything by “normal” standards. Kingdom people try and assess in terms of whether we’re imitating Jesus and obeying God. And by these standards, Jen is hitting the bullseye! She’s forsaking privilege to serve as God leads her and is thus advancing the Jesus-looking Kingdom.

Jen’s blog is called “This isn’t Grey’s Anatomy” – I think – and it is a daily must-read for in it she brings to life the tension of an American doctor caring for sick and dying children in the midst of poverty and tension of a Jesus-loving American trying to reconcile our country’s wealth with that country’s poverty.
She is a wonderful writer and a far more wonderful person. Please pay her a visit.

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