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Day 19………and so it goes…..
Mitch’s chance for a meaningful recovery are beyond bleak. Mitch’s breathing difficulties continue to worsen and the infection is getting worse. We can not start chemo with Mitch in this condition because I know that his body can’t take it. Last night was exceedingly difficult as we try to keep him comfortable. We see no signs that our prayers for healing are in line with God’s will.
Mitch has done his part. Strong, determined, competitive, & tough don’t begin to do him justice in light of these trials. He has fought the fight and lived up to his last name. We have always said that “Whitakers never quit” and he has always taken it to heart in every area of his life. However, it is now up to Tracy and I to determine when he has suffered enough. We are faced with those “big decisions that we would rather not think about” that I mentioned a few weeks back. I am determined not to let him suffer anymore. Well done, my son, I am proud of you. My warrior. My prince. My name. My joy. My Mitch.
My heart hurts – my soul is in anguish – every fiber of my being aches from a place where only our childrens hearts rest.
God knows my pain. He felt the same pain when He offered up His Son on a Cross for you and I. The Father knew whenever His Son had suffered enough. So do I.
Pray for us.

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