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Christopher Hitchens predicts that Al Gore will win the Nobel Peace Prize this year:

On Oct. 12, we shall hear again from Oslo, and I will be very surprised indeed if the peace prize is not awarded to Albert Gore Jr. (Don’t ask what a campaign against global warming has done for “peace”; that would be like asking what Mother Teresa or Henry Kissinger had ever done to reduce global conflict. The impression is the main thing.)
So, and if I am right, the former vice president will then complete a year in which An Inconvenient Truth has been awarded an Oscar and he has authored a best seller. Roll it round your tongue again: an Oscar, a best seller, and a Nobel Prize in the space of 12 months or so. Not bad.

He goes on to ponder whether or not this might bring Gore into the presidential race. I don’t care about that right now. I do care about the Nobel Peace Prize. I realize that it is highly political and such. And we don’t really remember past winners very well. Can you name the last five?
But Al Gore? For global warming? Huh? That would mean that he has done more than anyone else on Earth to bring about peace?
I’m sorry, I don’t see it. I’m very, very pro-environment. I believe we are to be careful stewards of God’s creation. I still don’t see Al Gore on the list of potential nominees for the Peace Prize let alone being its recipient.
What has he done? He made a very good documentary. He is clearly committed to fighting for the Earth. But world peace? I’m sorry, I’m not there.

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