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I just got this note in my inbox from Stephen Strang, head of Strang Communications, one of the largest Christian magazine companies.

Dear friend,
Since I am a networker in the Christian community, I am contacting you on behalf of Governor Mike Huckabee. I’m sending this to people on my personal contact list, hoping to find those who feel strongly about the direction America is going and who feel that Governor Mike Huckabee could be is the one to support for President.
If you’re not interested in this, read no further and delete this email.
Here’s why I support Governor Huckabee:
1. He is solidly conservative…Giuliani is really a moderate

2. He knows what he believes and expresses it eloquently…Click this link — – to see his response on CNN during a New Hampshire debate
3. He is solidly Pro-Life…Romney can’t figure out what he believes on this issue
4. If he can raise some money, he has a real chance to win…“If he had money, he would be our worst nightmare,” says Democrat strategist John Lapp. Lapp, who helped bring down Republicans in 2006 as executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, said “the real threat of Mike Huckabee is that he is a happy warrior, a down-home guy comfortable in his own skin. Right-wing conservatism with a smile.” (for the complete article, click
5. Arkansas needs a chance to redeem itself…

Strang goes on to make the fundraising pitch for Huckabee.
This is significant for lots of reasons. First, Strang is a major player in the Christian world. Second, on the heels of Fred Thompson’s finally official announcement that he is running, it is a clear sign from the evangelical community that they are not in Thompson’s camp… yet. They may end up there if he is the eventual nominee but right now they are clearly saying to Fred that they don’t much like what they see and they are saying of Huckabee that he is everything that they want. Stay tuned.

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