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A year ago I wrote about the need for Christians to take a fast from politics. Tonight I write about my need to take a fast from watching sports. I honestly don’t do it very often – with young kids …Read More

Hate: v., hat·ed, hat·ing, hates. 1. a) To feel hostility or animosity toward. b) To detest. I hate the New York Mets. I do. I feel hostility towards them. I feel animosity towards them. I detest them. I hate …Read More

Here is one from Larry. It is Peter Gabriel’s Solsbury Hill. He writes that it is a thin place for him because “there is a hill in my hometown where a life-changing event took place for me, and I immediately …Read More

Thank you Holly for finding this one. It sort of speaks for itself.

I’ll be at the Baltimore Book Festival tomorrow, Saturday, on a panel talking about… yes!… faith and politics. It should be a good discussion. I’ll be joining former Md. Lt. Gov. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, PBS’ Ray Suarez, and others at …Read More

It appears that Sen. McCain has gone over the religious edge. In a new, exclusive inteview with Beliefnet, McCain reveals to my new colleague Dan Gilgoff – welcome Dan! – a remarkably sectarian view of America. When John McCain ran …Read More

Here is the link for the San Diego Zoo Panda Cam – it isn’t the peace that surpasses all understanding I find when I watch the pandas but there is definitely peace… enjoy.

Relevant Magazine has an interesting feature about the future of the church. It features Rick Warren, Rob Bell, and other Christian leaders. Here is their take on politics: How should Christians be involved in the political system? Rob Bell: At …Read More

Are there parallel universes? And if so does it prove or disprove God’s existence? Look here first.

My new favorite blog is written by a 29-year-old woman, who loves U2, is a Lost-fanatic, loves Napolean Dynamite and Jesus (not in that order), is a pediatrician, and decided to give up the lure of American luxury to practice …Read More