J Walking

John Edwards said that he would ask Americans to sacrifice their SUVs in favor of more fuel-efficient cars.
I’m sure people will be mocking him – probably already are – but it is an example of honest leadership.
Consider this – he dared talk about sacrifice. He said he would ask Americans to give up something they like for a greater good. Such talk from a politician was once not all that unusual. In today’s America it is rare because as any pollster will tell you, “sacrifice doesn’t sell” as a message. Why? Well, we Americans don’t like giving up anything. Take a look at our waistlines – mine is 38, should be 36 – and discover we prefer yes to no.
But if the message of global warming is true, if the message of energy independence is true then it follows that sacrificing our gas guzzling SUVs is at least something to talk about… even if the idea of sacrificing is a lost idea.

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