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It is easy to look back of 21 centuries of Christendom and figure its rise was inevitable. The fashionable arguments of suppressed gospels, altered Gospels, corruption, conspiracy, and the like are well known to most moderns. But what is easy to forget is that for the first few hundred years of Christendom being a Christian was a remarkably bad thing. Persecution, beatings, and death were the norm. In short, being a Christian really meant something.
Though it is easy to forget amidst church scandals and fallen preachers and hypocrisy, there are still Christians doing remarkable things. Take, for instance, what World Vision is doing in Darfur.
They just announced they were expanding their operations there despite the daily threat to their workers’ lives. Why would they do such a thing?

We ourselves are the hands and feet of Jesus. We really urge the listeners to pray for us and to pray for our staff that God would protect them, that God will enable them to show the love of Jesus through what they do,” Kimeu said.
The World Vision spokeswoman also said that despite the “heart-breaking” stories they have heard and reported attacks on their staff, the Christian ministry still remains grateful.
“We are grateful that God has given us the opportunity to be able to show the people of Darfur the love of Christ,” she said. “Every day our staff risks their lives as they go out to the community. We’ve had many attacks on our cars and on our staff.”

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