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Perhaps you’ve seen the clip below. If not, it is worth watching for its honesty and passionIt is easy to see John Edwards as a slick, rich, glossy politician defined not by the substance of his campaign – economic justice, …Read More

Did the South Korean government go too far in negotiating for the release of the hostages? Talk about a hard case. Everyone should be celebrating the release of those men and women. How truly, truly wonderful. At the same time, …Read More

Here is an addicting site for the politically nosy – Type in a name and a city and you can find out who has been giving money. You can do it for yourself or for neighbors or for celebrities …Read More

A United States Senator is held – or should be held – to a higher standard. Sen. Larry Craig’s behavior doesn’t pass a lower standard. He should resign. Some will say that there is a double standard, that Democrats get …Read More

John Edwards said that he would ask Americans to sacrifice their SUVs in favor of more fuel-efficient cars. I’m sure people will be mocking him – probably already are – but it is an example of honest leadership. Consider this …Read More

In the mid-1980s, Darryl Strawberry was one of baseball’s elite. He won a World Series ring, he was selected to repeated All Star games, he was a rich man. He was a troubled man. There was a divorce, there were …Read More

I am the son of a geophysicist. As such I know a wee bit (emphasis on “wee”) about plate tectonics. Plate tectonics is the theory that best explains how the continents came to be through slow but inexorable movement. [Note: …Read More

I’m sure that history is replete with examples of political parties going through almost comedically bad times. News of Larry Craig’s arrest and guilty plea just make it harder to remember those times. There is more to be said, I’m …Read More

Michael Vick this morning: “We all make mistakes. I made a mistake for using bad judgement and making bad decisions,” Vick said. “Dogfighting is a terrible thing and I didn’t reject it. … Through this situation I found Jesus and …Read More

Over the past few months as people asked the question, “Why hasn’t Gonzales resigned yet?” the answer I kept hearing was two words long, “Karl Rove.” The White House fear was that if Gonzales left all the Democrats firepower would …Read More