J Walking

I read the comments and sometimes I smile, sometimes I am deeply moved, sometimes I cringe, and sometimes I am befuddled.
Perhaps we should call a momentary truce – perhaps just till the end of July? Let’s try and engage each other without ever using the words “conservative” or “liberal”…and, while we are at it, how about throwing out phrases like “godless” and “fascist” and “oppressive” and so on and so forth.
What is interesting about our comments to one another is that we are a little microcosm of America – we’ve got conservatives and liberals and moderates; we’ve got some who hate Dems and others who hate Republicans. And, just like in America, we excel at arguing at each other but not so much at learning from each other and figuring out how we can make little changes in our own lives, our own neighborhoods, our own relationships and most importantly our own relationship with God. Lets see if our conversation – and perhaps even our prayers – can do that.
Anyone game?

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