Three weeks ago I stood in line and got my iPhone at 6:15pm. It was a joyous time. Laughing, clapping, slapping of hands. My friend who was with me – and deeply skeptical of the iPhone – gasped when he saw it. He now loves it like a child.
All that is fine and wonderful.
But I am here to say that the iPhone is saving my soul.
Well, lots of ways.
First, its very cool and easy way of text messaging actually has me text messaging people. That whole having to hit the numbers on my phone three times to get a “C” and stuff was too advanced and so I never used it. Now? I’m text man. How is this saving my soul? Because it allows me to text with one of my dearest friends who is a very cool Jesus follower – leader, actually – he heads a church – and that helps my soul.

Second, because the iPhone is both phone and iPod, I don’t have to worry about listening to music or a book or a sermon and missing a phone call. If there is an incoming call the music or words soften a second in advance and the phone rings and then when I am done it picks up right where I’ve left off. This has enabled me to start listening to some great sermons that I’ve found on the web – Greg Boyd at Woodland Hills Church, for instance. I’m also listening to tremendous audio books I’ve uploaded at iTunes – Life of Pi, The Screwtape Letters – and great music.
So, I’m not saying that someone can’t get to heaven if they love Microsoft devices, that isn’t for me to say. I’m just here to say that the iPhone isn’t just great electronics, it is good for the soul.

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