J Walking

My friend is getting sicker. Little by little his hands and his arms and his body is deteriorating. It is the stuff that we take for granted that becomes so precious – the ability to pick up a phone, to type, to hug, to caress, to cut the grass, to wash a car…to dress oneself – that is so quickly lost. And like the person you never had a chance to bid farewell before they passed, the things are gone without ever having had the chance to appreciate that last moment.
It is, I suppose, one of the reasons Jesus admonishes people to live in the present and to live with gratitude. I am grateful that I can type and I can hug and I can pick up the mess around my desk…and bed…and dresser. I am grateful I can tickle my children. I am grateful I can pick up a glass of water and drink. I am glad I can hold my wife’s hand.
It is so easy to look at those things and think them trite – they are not trite. They are life.

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