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Was talking to a friend over the weekend about Giuliani. My friend is a very serious Christian by anyone’s measure. He is also politically conservative and likes Giuliani. Why?
– cleaned up NY from the window washers and graffiti and crime
– he is no nonsense
– like it or not he tells the truth
I ask my friend about Rudy’s personal life. “Oh sure, he’s personally immoral, but he will get the job done.”
It then occurs to me – probably a bit belatedly – Giuliani is truly the anti-Bush.
Bush – Texas
Giuliani – New York
Bush – religious
Giuliani – not so religious
Bush – wants to kill gay marriage
Giuliani – cross dresses and goes to gay pride parades
Bush – increasingly shifty about blame and responsibility
Giuliani – “I’m pro-choice like it or not.”
Bush – vacations on a ranch
Giuliani – would clearly vacation somewhere with a beach and nice hotels
Bush – one wife
Giuliani – four wives [DK – Sorry, three wives]
Bush – hair
Giuliani – not much hair
Just some thoughts…maybe it explains Giuliani’s popularity… Republicans want someone, just no one who looks, talks, or acts like George W. Bush.

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