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This from a conservative Christian friend who works in Washington but can’t yet let his presidential preferences be known. He makes a good case:

If you are like me, you are pretty dissatisfied with the current so-called “frontrunners” in the upcoming Presidential election. But there is one candidate that is quietly getting more attention and support that provides the kind of leadership that our country so desperately needs. And that’s former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.
He’s a true conservative, but doesn’t let himself be defined by divisive conservative issues. Though he is as pro-life as anybody, he often remarks that life does not end at birth and that we have a responsibility to take care of people throughout their whole lives – the children, the poor, and the elderly. And he’s not afraid to talk about the typical “liberal” issues like the environment, education, and even poverty.
He’s not only right (as in correct) on the issues, but he knows how to convey his message. Perhaps that comes from his background as a Southern Baptist minister. He’s articulate, witty, and clearly knows the subject matter he is talking about.
As a former minister, my first thought is that he was just going to be another social issues candidate – and we don’t need another Sam Brownback in the race. But if you listen to him, you quickly see that he is well versed on the important issues of the day like health care, taxes, the War on Terror, and immigration.
He has a great response here to attacks on his economic record as Governor of Arkansas.
His take on health care here is excellent.
And his answer to this question (one that arguably shouldn’t have been asked of a presidential candidate) was spot on.
You should read his book. Jon Stewart (no fan of conservatives) said the book could have been written by a liberal because it addresses issues conservatives don’t normally talk about.
I’m not naïve to think he’s a likely candidate to win the nomination – but you never know what might happen when enough conservatives get sick of the current group of “leaders.”

Is there a Huckabee bandwagon? One never knows, he is from a place called Hope.

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