J Walking

Fascinating little thing. One can find virtually anything on YouTube, right? Here, for instance, making ice cream with liquid nitrogen:Nearly 30,000 people have watched that one. When I enter “mac ads” there are 2,920 different offerings. But you know what I can’t find? I can’t find any of the video of Ruth Graham’s memorial service. Not one. Now this isn’t some vast conspiracy. It is just that people who are interested in Ruth Graham don’t spend a lot of time on Youtube (or YouTube or youTube or whatever) posting videos. Three thoughts on that:First, why not? Put stuff like that up there because it is even more important and interesting than making ice cream with liquid nitrogen. I want to be able to see Billy Graham as he talked about his wife.Second, since youtube audience tends to be much younger, might this be evidence that the Graham’s message hasn’t penetrated the youth culture? Or more broadly does it suggest that Jesus’ message hasn’t penetrated the youth culture that drives youtube? Two words if that is true – uh oh. Third, can someone please post it on youtube if they have it? Thanks.

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