J Walking

A reader writes in response to my short post on Darfur:


Why isn’t “Allah” doing anything about the suffering in Darfur?

It is his Muslims causing it.

This reader has posted frequently in the past about how liberals are destroying the country, about how Democrats are Godless, about how true Christian faith must oppose abortion and gay marriage – about how those are the litmus tests of true faith. Now, when confronted by gang rape, by torture, by 200,000 dead in Darfur, by a president who bravely called what was happening in Darfur genocide but has done little more, by the chance to do something – however small – himself, he tries to wash his hands. He brings to mind another man. His name was Pontius Pilate – he too washed his hands and passed on responsibility. I don’t think Pilate is the model for Christian behavior.

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