J Walking

The experience last night on Bill Maher’s show was…memorable. I’ll eventually find and post youtube or transcript or something. There are two big things I wish that I had said; first, that so long as we demonize and hate our political “enemies” no one is going to get anywhere. There was a bit of that going on last night on the show against President Bush and all Republicans. It is just as absurd as those who decry all Democrats as “evil” and “bad” and saying that “no good person could be a Democrat.” Both sides are exactly the same. The second thing I wish I had said is something I talked about in my book – namely that though people can and do attack Bush and the White House for the war, they make a mistake by making it so intensely personal, as if all things were simply the result of their being…here goes the word again… “evil.” That is just preposterous. They are good, kind and caring individuals. Do they make mistakes? Sure, lots of them. Have they run the government poorly? In many ways historically so. Has good been done? Yes. Look at the program on HIV/AIDS in Africa. But it is demeaning to all to simply dismiss them – or anyone else – as “evil.” It is absolutely juvenile.

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