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Ok, so here starts the (Need a name) Award for behaving most like Jesus would want people to behave. “Samaritan” is fine but I’ve heard it used too many times… Regardless, here is the first nominee:

Dorie-Ann Kahale and her five daughters moved from a homeless shelter to a mansion Thursday, courtesy of a Japanese real estate mogul who is handing over eight of his multimillion-dollar homes to low-income Native Hawaiian families.

Tears spilled down Kahale’s cheeks as she accepted from billionaire Genshiro Kawamoto the key to a white, columned house with a circular driveway, a stone staircase and a deep porcelain bathtub. Her family will live there rent-free, but must pay utility bills.

What makes the story even better is that this Kawamoto doesn’t exactly have the most compassionate past. He’s evicted (wealthy) tenants on short notice because he wanted to sell the homes for maximum profit – what does one call a slum lord for rich people?

Some will say it isn’t a big deal – the money doesn’t matter to him. It is, as he has said, “pocket change.” But you know what? He’s doing it and for that, he’s my first nominee. Please send along others.

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