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Conventional wisdom would probably be that the National Association of Evangelicals should be tucked in a corner sucking its thumb with a “please don’t hit me” sign over it. In just the last few months it has endured seeing its head, Rev. Ted Haggard disgraced by a gay affair and has endured a hit by a group of 25 prominent social conservatives telling it to temper its global warming language. Nah. Instead of going fetal, the NAE has come out swinging, condemning military torture head on:

“As American Christians, we are above all motivated by a desire that our nation’s actions would be consistent with foundational Christian moral norms,” the document says. “We believe that a scrupulous commitment to human rights, among which is the right not to be tortured, is one of these Christian moral convictions.”

This may not seem like that big a deal. But it is big news. Though the NAE says it is not explicitly criticizing the White House it is clear that they are and as such they are further
distinguishing themselves from other social conservatives by more boldly stating their take on Jesus’ concerns. It will be interesting to see the next salvo from the Dobson gang. Stay tuned.

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