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A new documentary on Jesus is out – this one making The Case for Christ’s Resurrection:

…experts explain new discoveries that will substantiate the claims that Jesus resurrected from the grave nearly 2,000 years ago. Among the many methods, the specialists looked at the past historical record, explored current medical knowledge, investigated evidence in the lives of the Apostles, and researched about ancient Jewish burial practices to establish their claims.

Some look at the lack of the media coverage on this particular project and see a vast media conspiracy against things that try and substantiate orthodox faith because the “the media” is hostile to faith. I have a different perspective.

First, Christians do a very poor job of marketing. The great hoopla around the now discredited “Jesus’ Tomb” documentary had to do with physical “proof”, while involving a famous producer. This particular documentary doesn’t have those “big” hooks quite so apparent. They may be in there but they haven’t been teased out.

Second, to the degree that the media is hostile to faith it is because they see the Christian faith as being overwhelming political – against abortion, for gun control, etc. – and not overwhelmingly identified with Jesus.

So the task then…depoliticize the faith, improve on the marketing.

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