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This New York Times story speaks for itself. It is about a senior Bush official who is speaking out because of his loss of faith in the president. I know of what he speaks. Even now when I say or …Read More

So, imagine this – an “artist” has created an “anatomically correct sculpture” of Jesus crucified. Yes, fully naked, out of chocolate as if on a cross. I am generally pretty laid back about such things – artists should be able …Read More

From today’s New York Times, news of new thinking to help the poor. The concept is simple – encourage poor families get out of poverty using financial incentives to get them to do the things that will help in the …Read More

After Elizabeth Edwards and Tony Snow and deep discussions of life and faith and meaning, I find myself in the need of some levity…and so, this. A friend sent it to me as justification for his changing positions on various …Read More

Last night’s speech by President Bush was a great one.

…A long article about Republican fears for meltdown in 2008 is found here at thepolitico. What I find most striking about the article that talks about Republican drops in money raising, in candidate recruitment, and general chaos is this – …Read More

…at man’s cruelty to his creation. But we should also applaud what one company is doing to change things. Along these ends, a book recommendation – Matthew Scully’s Dominion.

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust – even for a million dollar Ferrari… Why is this worth looking at given Iraq and Tony Snow and Elizabeth Edwards and Darfur and on and on? Because there is actual eternal significance …Read More

From a faithful reader: When my little girl’s cancer returned after 2 years – I can say I was very angry with God. I was angry with doctors, with my husband (he was very convenient and I was pissed), with …Read More

White House spokesman Tony Snow has cancer that has spread to his liver. This hits close to home. Four years ago I was working in the White House when a brain tumor hit and four years ago a young White …Read More