J Walking

Great post-Super Bowl quotes last night,

“How could you not be happy for Tony Dungy given what he went through last year; losing his son to suicide, to stand up on that stage with Peyton Manning giving thanks to his God for what they have accomplished? That was class, that was dignity, and I’m telling you it was touching.” CBS analyst Boomer Esiasion

“There is an awful lot of shining glory up here, but we are giving it all to God again because that is what got us here and sticking together and believing that we could and I know that God has looked after us on this journey and bonded us as a family…” Indianapolis Colts’ owner Jim Irsay

“I am so proud of our guys. We took the early hit by Devon Hester, but we talked about it, we said there is going to be a storm, the Lord doesn’t always bring you directly through, sometimes you’ve got to work for it and our guys just hung tough and played so hard… Indianapolis Colts’ coach Tony Dungy

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