J Walking

From her interview on Sirius:

“For me we all need to be Jesus in our time. …Jesus’ message was to love your neighbor as yourself, and there are people in need. I hope that people got that message”

Then, lest anyone doubt her own ambitions, she added that she wants “to be like Gandhi and Martin Luther King and John Lennon. But I want to stay alive.”

People will have a field day with her comments, saying that she think she is Jesus or Gandhi or MLK. But that isn’t what she is saying. She says she wants to be like them – not exactly a bad thing. She says that we all “need to be Jesus in our time” as well. She’s not far off on that either save adding the word “like” as in “we all need to be like Jesus in our time.” After all the only way to get there is to actually spend time with Jesus and perhaps that is something that Madonna is recognizing.

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