J Walking

(Patton here.)

Thanks for the kind words, David.

Ok, fair reader, look at the top of this blog. It says, and has long said: “David Kuo,” then “J-Walking.” Such a title might lead one to believe that this blog, so cleverly named, would be about, you know, J-Walking. Jesus-walking. Walking with Jesus.

And so it is, and David is serious about walking with Jesus. But I often wonder what his posts have to do with Jesus, or walking with Jesus. And, as he’s said, I often ask him.

I think it’s great when he posts about the Steelers and music and his kids, and his ongoing critique of political Christianity is much needed. All that is proper and blog-able.

But still, this blog is about J-Walking, and J-Walking, as I understand it, touches everything. So while David need not (please, David, don’t) opine theologically or piously about every subject that flits across his brain each day, I think it’s befitting for him to think more, harder, deeper, creative-r about what his faith in Jesus has to do with this, that, and the other things he blogs about here.

Today I told David that I’m glad he likes Apple so much, and I do, too, and as he IMed me yesterday and this morning about the glories of the iPhone, I wanted him to blog those glories b/c it makes for fun reading. But I also hoped he’d comment, maybe in the same post, maybe in a later one, on what his love of Apple and his consumer electronics buying habits have to do with his religion. Or all of our religions. Apple and its products are a really big deal. A culture-shaping deal. Those gorgeous products have shaped the way we work, entertain ourselves, communicate with each other…and they’ve certainly shaped the way we “do” our religion. If the iPhone has the capacity to do what the iPod has done–substantially recreate the way we work and the way we recreate, substantially redetermine the way we spend our money, and more–then surely there’s some spiritual, religious, philosphical meaning to mine from this gorgeous piece of technology.


(Pray for David–he has to put up with this kinda stuff week in, week out.)


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