J Walking

Excerpts from the following comments perfectly highlight Mitt Romney’s problems. On one side the spiritual concern:

Jesus is not related to Satan by celestial family-hood. God does not live on a planet near a star called Kolob. The Church did not fail and die out as as J. Smith declared “as a Prophet.”

The founder of Mormon theology, Joseph Smith, declared a different gospel and a different Jesus. And it gets worse once you read the LDS Doctrine and Covenants and Peral of great price.

…Now, should all that it bother a Christian voting for Romney as president?


Here though a different perspective:

Romney must take a page out of the Kennedy playbook and ease 2007 fears about being a mormon the way JFK eased fears about his allegiance to the pope in 1960…if he can do that, he’s got a chance.

Bottom line is, that while the details of being a mormon are a bit sketch, the bottom line principles – family values, pro life and anti gay marriage are very close to traditionally Christian principles.

And so the challenge for the Christian conservative voter…

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