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December 2006 Archives

It was December 1976 and I decided to write President Ford a letter. He had just lost to Gov. Jimmy Carter and I wanted to console him. I recall writing some very 9-year-old sort of things – something about how […]

It can’t be true… – a virgin birth?– an old pregnant cousin?– angels appearing left and right?– God become not just man but a baby?– astrologers from the east?– a murderous king?– a loyal husband?– a birthing room attended by […]

My colleague and friend Patton Dodd wrote a beautiful article for the Financial Times. It is titled simply, “My pastor disgraced our church.” Please read. My favorite paragraph: Even when I winced over things Pastor Ted would say as a […]

News reports like this one reveal that U2’s Bono was “…alarmed we could not get a commitment from the Democratic leadership to prevent the loss of $1b in the continuing resolution to fight AIDS, malaria and extreme poverty.” The problem, […]

A couple of weeks ago I posted an open letter to James Dobson and Chuck Colson. It was in response to various misrepresentations about my book and about my argument for a Christian “fast” from politics. This week I received […]

My daughters (9 & 11) are leading me astray: 1. Click on the link below.2. Click once on the snowman to activate the penguin3. Click again on the snowman to hit the penguin as he descends from the cliff. Click […]

here is the email that went around this morning to the New Life staff: Dear Staff, Wow, what an amazing week! Wonderland [New Life Church’s Christmas program]was attended by more people this year than ever before. Sunday morning wasan incredible […]

The Denver Post reports this morning that another member of New Life Church’s staff has been asked to leave because of sexual misconduct. An executive staff member at New Life Church in Colorado Springs has resigned after admitting to sexual […]

I came across a very moving article via Andrew Sullivan’s site – it is entitled Surprise Ending and is found in The Christian Century. The author is reflecting on the end of his life and writes: If ever there were […]

I saw The Nativity and wanted to love it and be moved by it and have my life transformed by it. Such wasn’t the case. It was fine. That, I suppose, is a view shared by most people, as the […]