J Walking

My wife calls me this morning after spending an hour in line at our suburban Virginia polling place. “Did you know Virginia had a marriage amendment on the ballot? I hadn’t heard a thing about it.”

Me, “No, no clue.”

Either we missed all the hubbub about it amidst the George Allen v. Jim Webb crap-throwing ad barrage or it was an issue that never got much traction. Back in September the Family Research Council tried to recruit volunteers to the effort.

Financing efforts, however, were small. Focus on the Family only raised a little more than $10,000.

What to make of it? There was some controversy about the exact language, the Allen/Webb race took up most political oxygen, and the issue just doesn’t have the power it did in 2004.

Christian conservative voters are certainly against gay marriage. But after two years of gay marriage and a still strong country I think most don’t think it is the most vital issue facing our country today. And they are right.

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