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Few things were as telling about the White House and how they view evangelical voters (and leaders) than this paragraph from the AP story of Ted Haggard, “White House spokesman Tony Fratto said Haggard was on the weekly calls between Bush aides and evangelical leaders only ‘a couple’ of times. The minister has visited the White House, but ‘there’ve been a lot of people who’ve come to the White House,’ Fratto said. He expressed confidence that evangelical voters can distinguish between an individual’s problems and the GOP’s agenda.”

A White House that has relied on Pastor Haggard’s support for the past six years has effectively kicked him to the curb. He is no longer of any use – faith or no faith and the White House’s true compassion is revealed: a passion for evangelical votes on Tuesday.

There isn’t any compassion for a pastor’s fall or a man’s disgrace or anything else, just a passion that the White House’s god – politics – be saved. Christians should pay as much attention to that as to anything else because here is the other truth – if the news had come out the other way and the story was purely made up? The White House would have been on the offensive attacking those who attacked the president’s “friend” Ted Haggard. This is all pretty disgusting.

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