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An interesting article on a conference held this weekend just outside of Washington, DC. An “apolgetics” conference featuring more than 20 of the most prominent evangelical thinkers. One of the speakers, J.P. Moreland, apparently decried how the evangelical mind has gone to mush (my paraphrase). Here’s a snippet from the article:

Lastly, he said, Christians must “restore the image of Jesus as an intellectual” and not just holy and powerful.

Moreland, however, emphasized that Christians must retain humility as they grow in knowledge.

“We are the people that started the universities,” concluded Moreland. “We are the people who have produced the greatest minds, the greatest artists, and the greatest culture because Jesus of Nazareth is the smartest man to have ever graced this planet.”

It is certainly true that I have rarely thought of Jesus in intellectual terms. Yet, clearly, if I believe him to be God in human form as I do, he was the “smartest man to have ever graced this planet.” And yet, I do wonder what that revelation means to me today. I wonder what it means for those considering throwing in their lot with Jesus. For me what matters most about Jesus isn’t his mind – it is his love, his heart. The mind doesn’t transform lives, the heart does.

I’m eager to get transcripts or copies of these lectures. If anyone was there, please email me: and give me your thoughts. I’ll post.

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