J Walking

Jesus and I just took a walk through Central Park. It was a great relief from the small tempest blowing around a book I have written that will be out tomorrow and on “60 Minutes” tonight. Almost no one has seen the book yet – it doesn’t go on sale until tomorrow – save for a guy on MSNBC who somehow got a copy and spent several nights telling his audience what my book was about. Others in the media picked up on it and, since they didn’t have copies, simply repeated his lines. Tonight is the first time I get to tell a bit of my own story. Then a bunch more tomorrow and the days that follow.

In the book, I lay myself bare in describing my own journey with Jesus through politics. It is, fundamentally, a spiritual book. But it has – against my own wishes – been released in a highly charged political environment where what everyone wants is simply more ammunition with which to beat up the other guy…

I will be writing here a lot in the days that come. The writing will be raw and it will be incomplete and it will be honest and that, I think, is exactly what Jesus wants me to be.

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