J Walking

Morning again, by God’s mercy, but a hard one. Probably just tired, but also discouraged.

I kept wondering why Fox News pulled the two stories they had scheduled, and then last night I figured it out. During my illness, there has been a close group of friends praying for me and for my family. Sunday night, I had emailed them a short list of the media I would be doing. At least one of them forwarded it to the White House. That is the only way they knew to call and pressure some media outlets to put on their “rebuttal,” and obviously how they killed the not-very-objective Fox News segment.

The hardest thing to come of this has been the White House lies and the absolute willingness of conservative Christian activists to lap it up. This notion that the faith-based initiative wasn’t ever political is less true than me saying I am Michael Jordan. It was all political. But I suppose we all hear what we want to hear.

Thank you for your comments–especially the encouraging ones! But even to those who object somewhat strenuously, I say thank you for reading and considering.

I appreciate prayers today. I am not sure right now how I am going to get through it. The answer, simplistically, is that I will try to walk with Jesus…though I really need him to do all the walking and to carry me (no small task since I’m not a diminuitive guy), but I am struggling to know how that actually works. Any ideas?

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