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Peter Steinfels in The New York Times yesterday wrote a very nice piece on my book . What I appreciate so much about the piece is that Steinfels captures what I the book is really about:

“As much as it is a story about politics, it is also a story about faith. ‘I set out to write a spiritual book,’ Mr. Kuo insists, and ‘Tempting Faith’ turns out to be an engrossing piece of religious autobiography and a revealing, sometimes unnerving window into evangelical Christian culture.”

Another review in the Hartford Courant seems to understand the book even better. Susan Campbell writes, “This coming-of-age story is intriguing, written as it is by a man who saw the faith of the White House from a unique perspective. The insights of David Kuo, True Believer–and former deputy director of the White House’s Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives–are brutally frank. He does not spare the workings of the White House (though he always maintains a respectful tone in regard to the president) and he certainly doesn’t spare himself.”

The story is getting out!

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