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To read my wife’s post about it, click here. Needless to say, we both are really excited.

A couple weeks ago I wrote about Elias’s journey through the “Terrible Twos.” Well, he’s still two. And he’s still, on occasion–though I hate saying this word as it relates to my son–terrible. But it’s true. Twice, I’ve thought about […]

It happened overnight. Or it seemed to happen that way. Last Thursday, my two-year-old Elias decided he no longer enjoyed brushing his teeth in the morning. Rather than cooperating with me like he did on Wednesday morning, he screamed “NOOOOOOO!” […]

Another video…

All photos were taken by my wife, Jessica. I helped make the “grins” happen. 🙂 I love this kid.

Not sure what happened at the very beginning of the video, but it clears up in a second or two. Enjoy.

I’ve listened to this song at least a thousand times in my lifetime. I love the words and its melody and its emotion. So much power and beauty in this song. (Please forgive the shaky camera work. I took all […]