Jesus Needs New PR

My friend Jason Boyett has released his first ebook, a pocketguide to 2012!

And for a very limited time you can download it for only $1.99!

Here’s why you should buy it.
1.) Jason is a damn good writer. He’s witty, intelligent, and far more skilled (as a writer) than most authors with Christian publishing deals. We need to support writers, thinkers like Jason!
2.) 2011 wasn’t the easiest of years for a lot of us, maybe if we read Jason’s book, 2012 could be better. And we could use a little better this next year.
3.) It’s got a fantastic cover, designed by Jason!

4.) I’ve been told that Westboro Baptist Church HATES Jason’s book. Buy it just to piss them off.
5.) Rumor has it that Jason takes in homeless hamsters, gives them food, water, and shelter, and names them after well known American pastors. We wouldn’t want his outreach to hamsters to stop, right? Some of the proceeds from this book will go to helping feed Little Francis Chan and Little Perry Noble.
6.) Ebooks make awful stocking stuffers, but should that keep you from buying this book? The hamsters are cold and hungry.
7.) Because you have no idea what items to include in your 2012 survival guide! See? You didn’t even know you needed a survival guide for 2012. It’s obvious you need to buy this book.
8.) Lastly, buy Jason’s book because it’s only a $1.99. Rather than wasting your money on Starbucks, iTunes, and porn, buy something that will nourish your soul (and save a whole bunch of ill-named hamsters).


Little Joel Osteen says "squeak, squeak"...

And trust me, Jason thanks you too.

Are YOU prepared for 2012? (HINT: You’re not) is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR

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