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According to scripture, upon returning to heaven after his death and resurrection, Jesus sat down in a chair next to God. I imagine them sitting like this often, watching the events on Planet Earth and making commentary. My guess would […]

Effective? Love that Ron Jeremy makes a cameo. With sheep. Not sure why the puppet is there, but all in all, it’s a decent ad that might serve as a good reminder to parents. Found here. Thanks Matt.

According to Smoking Gun… Meet Robert Norton Kennedy. The South Carolina man, 51, was arrested Saturday morning for assault and battery. He is being held in the Horry County jail on lieu of $5000 bail. According to the suspect’s forehead, […]

I’ve only mentioned this “End of the World” story once or twice on my blog. But now that End of the World is less than two weeks away, I thought it was time to mention it again. Why mention it […]

Found at American Jesus!

Remember this kid? That was 1992. This is that “kid” today. His name is Michael Clancy. And he’s a lawyer in Arizona. The folks at HyperVocal interviewed Michael. HV: As of right now, the video which was uploaded about a […]

If my soul has a tongue… and can lick the face of God… I want to be God’s beagle.

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