Jesus Needs New PR

A church in Tulsa called “The Guts” (yes, the Guts) is currently featuring it’s annual Christian outreach called NIGHTMARE. Here’s the link to the promo….

But what was disheartening for me was watching the YouTube clips of those who experienced Nightmare.

Like this one…

Did you catch the part where the boy talks about it being “nasty watching a girl get raped” and then the subtle giggle from the girl in the middle.

And then the girl on the right says, “But at least it’s teaching us a lesson.”

How old are these kids? 8? 10? Maybe… (the girl in the middle might be older… but still… )

You can watch all of the AFTER NIGHTMARE videos here.

I know these kinds of things produce “souls saved,” but what else do they produce? Does your church do a “haunted house”? Would you let your kid go to this one?

**UPDATE**Oh, and I rethought the title after I posted it… but it was too late for my Tweet feed… it was a bit demanding… sorry about that…. 🙂

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