Jesus Needs New PR


This is a hot button issue for me. So forgive me for becoming so opinionated. But seriously come on. Why are we still discussing this issue? It astounds me that some church organizations still discriminate against women being in church leadership. The contextual biblical support for this thinking just doesn’t exist. And the “support” that people use–mostly the words of Paul–is a sad misconstrued understanding of Paul’s letter in my opinion. This is a cultural law that churches throughout history have embraced proudly.

And there’s a double standard in the evangelical world. So many evangelical church conferences will let women speak–authors like Anne Jackson, Margaret Feinberg, and many others–but put the words “pastor” or “reverend” in front of their names and they are not even considered.

This is a travesty in my opinion. It’s shameful, and one of the reasons (a major one, I believe) that “church” is becoming more and more irrelevant in America.

Enough is enough; let women be ministers.

Exhale. Now stepping down off my soapbox.


Carry on.

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