Jesus Needs New PR

… never mind.Bad joke.

Yes, Theology Week is coming soon. But I’ve decided–well, Jessica actually “helped” me to decide–that moving it to July would be best for my sanity, my book deadline, and our marriage. 🙂

So… I’m excited about Theology Week. But it’s going to happen sometime in July! Some of you have already handed in blog posts, and don’t worry, I will still be using your content…Thank you for being so enthusiastic about the week and wanting to participate!

But I need your help… answer these two questions.

1) What topics within theology would you like to discuss and read about?

2) Do you have one theological question that you’d like answered by a group of people from varying theological backgrounds?

Also, if you’d like to participate as a writer for Theology Week, email me: (And no, we don’t have to share the same theology!)

So if Theology Week was predestined, it’s now been re-predestined.

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