Jesus Needs New PR

Stephen Baldwin (i.e. StevieB) is coming to a city near you! Awww…. yeaaaahhhhh….

Anyway, StevieB is hosting an extreme sports show called the Assalt Tour. I think that’s what it’s called… I suppose the inside joke is that it’s missing “u.” Get it? Perhaps the missing “u” in the word “assault” is a subtle suggestion that “u” (or you) should attend.


Perhaps it’s the Ass Alt Tour, which works.


Maybe it’s the As Salt Tour, which doesn’t really work, though I think somebody believes it does…

(Between you and me, if you have any open wounds (emotional or otherwise), I recommend you stay home.

But all you healthy folk out there should totally go. It’s free. It’s StevieB. And it’s skateboarders high on Christ.

Awww…. yeaaaahhhhh….

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