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A little more than two years ago, I received this email. It came from my friend Aaron whose film company directed and produced my book trailer for What You Didn’t Learn From Your Parents About Sex.

Hello Aaron. I’m trying to get in touch with Matthew Paul Turner.

I saw his you tube video about Christian sex education and I would love to speak to him about possibly doing an interview for my documentary.

My name is Cassie Jaye, and I am the President of Jaye Bird Productions based out of Hollywood, Ca. Our first feature length film will be a documentary about the “Silver Ring Thing” movement and sex eduction to our teens.

I agreed to do the interview. When we met, I thought Cassie was a great interviewer, extremely professional, and only 21. Her film crew consisted of her mom and her sister. It was a fun experience, but honestly, I didn’t think it would end up being much of anything.

I was very wrong.

Two and a half years later, Cassie’s documentary–now called Daddy I Do–has taken on a life of its own. Currently, the doc is showing at Film Festivals.

In San Diego, it won Best Documentary. At the Bare Bones film festival in Oklahoma, it was nominated for Best Documentary… and now it’s going to Cannes Film Festival in France.

Wow. I’m in the trailer!

I haven’t seen the film yet. But reviews from those who have seen it are amazing…

“This documentary had an exceptional quality; it did not allow the film maker’s perspective on this contentious issue to dominate or even raise its head until the very end (and I won’t spoil that for you). For the first half of the movie, every time one of the advocates for one side or the other of this issue (abstinence only, sex education) was presenting their case I would think she was on “their side”. Then I realized that she was simply allowing all of these people to present their best case and she honored the nature of debate, which SHOULD be present in all documentaries about controversial topics. Until I saw this film, I didn’t realize how incredibly rare it is in contemporary documentary films. I certainly haven’t seen them all, but I have seen over 300 feature length docs in the past two years. I can not recall another one that came across as this balanced, a stunning achievement. I’m not sure if this was where director Cassie Jaye intended to focus her career energy, but she does have an exciting future as a documentary film maker.”

– Ramsey, Rat City Film Society, Seattle, Washington

Read a few more here.

So yeah, my “face” will be making its debut at the Cannes Film Festival! My name is even listed at The Internet Movie Database.

God only knows what I said. Especially since, in true “Hollywood” form, I was high on Oxycotin at the time (<-I’d just gotten my wisdom teeth taken out the day before.)

Crazy stuff. My mother would be proud… if only she was familiar with Cannes Film Festival.

I’m very excited for Cassie. Her dream of getting this film noticed is beginning to take shape. And she’s only 23. Amazing.

Wish I could afford to go to France!

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