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Who does well when it comes to passing on the faith to the youth? Studies show two groups do really well: conservative Protestants and Mormons; two groups that don’t do well are mainline Protestants and Roman Catholics.  Kenda Dean’s new book …Read More

 Kenda Dean’s new book is called Almost Christian: What the Faith of Our Teenagers is Telling the American Church , and I will be blogging my way through it. Her fundamental insight is back-logic: we can infer from the condition of …Read More

What does the faith of America’s teenagers tell us about the faith they are being taught? What does their faith tell us about the American Church? Two very good questions, both addressed by Kenda Dean, a professor at Princeton Theological …Read More

It has been a while – but the Missional Campus Ministry series will continue on an occasional basis as resources or topics appear.  Today I would like to focus conversation around a recent blog post by John Stackhouse – Campus …Read More

This post is from Jen Bradbury, and I read this on her blog through a “tweet”. This is one of the very few posts or reviews that have talked at all about the outcome-based education I talked about in The …Read More

The church I attend has an outstanding youth ministry. No question. And intentionally inter-generational worship. The staff is intent on building relationships. The church is thriving, even growing. The number of families with young children is increasing. And yet … …Read More

Yet another academic year approaches – yet another set of fresh new faces on campus. As we approach a the start of term I would like to renew the conversation on campus ministry we began last spring (You can find …Read More

From The Wall Street Journal … The decline in Sunday schools appears to be gradual but steady. A study by the Barna Group indicated that in 2004 churches were 6% less likely to provide Sunday school for children ages 2 …Read More

This post, by Chris Folmsbee about Youth Ministry and the Challenging Economy, is suggestive and we’d love to generate a conversation about his suggestions and questions. Chris sent me this post last week and, because of our travel to the …Read More

I am so grateful Chris Folmsbee is writing this weekly column for us about youth ministry. We need more focus on the next generation… so here goes… Let’s hear your response. I’ve found a new hobby.  I have found absolute …Read More