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Nothing like the beauty of creation to wake us up on a Saturday morning. I hope your coffee tastes better looking at God’s world. This will be our last Weekly Meanderings at Beliefnet. Next week it will be at our …Read More

Chicago’s annual air and water show! I focused on news items this week… Blogs come and blogs go. The good ones survive, and here’s notice of another good Bible blog by John Byron. Bookmark it. I read Chris Ridgeway‘s master’s …Read More

Been to Chicago’s Bean? ANNOUNCEMENT: The Jesus Creed blog will be moving Sept 1 to Patheos. Stay tuned for more information and exact URL. Here is a great example of how Patheos is creating intelligent conversations about issues that matter …Read More

This is the 200th edition of Weekly Meanderings,  and we get this nice greeting from a Snow Leopard baby! (And I must be crazy.)   John Frye sees Jesus as a discernment artist. This is a good read and a …Read More

Greetings this Saturday from our friends the puffins! A beauty about Harper Lee by Karen. Another beauty about life by Don. My colleague, Justin Topp, has a nice post at BioLogos. Kevin, in Ireland, lays down some observations about universalism. …Read More

Thanks to Sherrie Lowly for telling her story. Larry Hurtado, one of our fine New Testament scholars, now has a website. Leading me to ask, If Larry, who’s next? Jim’s reminder is always good to hear. Tim Dalrymple, over at …Read More

The lightning at the Acropolis will wake up some dead philosopher-kings. A big heart-felt thanks to Cathleen Falsani for this wondrous story. An important new blog, Transpositions, on theology and art — give it some reads. Don Johnson’s proposed list …Read More

This picture of two star clusters is awesome. Kris and I will be in Ireland this June, and here’s a brochure for our event in Dublin. We are really looking forward to this opportunity to speak in Ireland. Anyone know …Read More

The Volcano at the Eyjafjallajokull glacier (Why do folks give glaciers names like that?) Link of the week: The Wheaton Theology conference lectures. Good post by Jana Riess. And another one by Wade Hodges. Excellent sketch of Together for the …Read More

We stand with the miners of West Virginia! Read it and pause and pray and ponder what to do next. Congrats to Laura Johnson and Ruth Bildar! Bruce Epperly on Tiger, Phil and redemption. Andy Crouch responds to James Davison …Read More