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We have spent several posts looking at Gen 1-3 and at Paul’s understanding of Genesis and its role in his atonement theology in Romans 5. In the course of this discussion several different people have brought up Romans 8, especially …Read More

Romans seems to have two kinds of responses today: either it is the book of all books, the book that brought Luther back to life and therefore the book for us, or it is the book to end all books …Read More

Ever since I was in college and took a line-by-line course on Romans with Dr. John Wilson — from whom I learned how to diagram sentences and who has shaped my life ever since — I have loved Romans. Whenever …Read More

Nearly 125 posts later we come to the end of this series on Romans and the commentary by NT Wright on Romans. I wasn’t sure how long it would take, nor did I really care. (Our next series will be …Read More

In Romans 16:21-24, Paul trots out his companions who wish to offer their greetings to the Roman Christians.

Wright has impressed me with the need to see the divisive nature of the threat to the Roman church, and that a passage like Romans 16:17-20 is not just a final idea to raise while Paul thinks of closing his …Read More

NT Wright, who admits up front that we should exercise caution, suggests that the list of names in Romans 16:1-16 points to the social make-up and to the number of house groups in Rome. He sees five or six house …Read More

Paul gives a long list of greetings in Romans 16:1-16. Wright suggests the reasons for such a list is because Paul doesn’t want to create new divisions — so he mentions all the house churches he knows.

Before Paul heads to Spain, Romans 15:25-29 tells us, he will return to Jerusalem with a bundle of money and gifts for the saints in Jerusalem. Wright sees the theology of Paul, as expressed in Romans (esp 14–15), in this …Read More

Paul says his task is to go to unreached peoples — to go to new areas — to spread the good news to people who have not heard — to avoid treading on the turf of othes and simply begin …Read More